Speaking With Your Loved Ones About Your Substance Abuse Problem

Making the decision to go to rehab is a life-changing choice. However, it also takes bravery. For some people, completing rehab is only half the battle. Letting their friends and family know that they are struggling with addiction is the real challenge. If you’re struggling with addiction, while the conversation might not exactly be easy, it is something you can complete successfully.   Minimize Stress For any person struggling with substance abuse, stress is dangerous because stress is often a trigger. As hard as it might be to think about, it is important that you not stress out about having this conversation. This is best achieved by looking for ways in which you can minimize stress. For example, if it makes you feel uncomfortable to speak with your entire family at one time about this topic, arrange to speak with each person separately or in smaller groups. If you feel better having this conversation after you have officially checked into rehab that is also an option. Do whatever keeps your stress level at a minimum. Tell Your Story, Your Way Continue Reading →