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Thinking About Things Differently

After I started struggling with depression, a close friend of mine started talking with me about going to some self help seminars. I wasn't that excited about the idea at first, but after thinking about how bad things were getting, I realized that I needed some serious help. I went to a few of the workshops, and I was blown away with how much they helped me. After only a few sessions, I felt more capable at resolving my own challenges and overcoming anger. This blog is all about thinking about your life in a different way and trying to make positive changes.


Thinking About Things Differently

Speaking With Your Loved Ones About Your Substance Abuse Problem

Kyle Perkins

Making the decision to go to rehab is a life-changing choice. However, it also takes bravery. For some people, completing rehab is only half the battle. Letting their friends and family know that they are struggling with addiction is the real challenge. If you're struggling with addiction, while the conversation might not exactly be easy, it is something you can complete successfully.  

Minimize Stress

For any person struggling with substance abuse, stress is dangerous because stress is often a trigger. As hard as it might be to think about, it is important that you not stress out about having this conversation. This is best achieved by looking for ways in which you can minimize stress.

For example, if it makes you feel uncomfortable to speak with your entire family at one time about this topic, arrange to speak with each person separately or in smaller groups. If you feel better having this conversation after you have officially checked into rehab that is also an option. Do whatever keeps your stress level at a minimum.

Tell Your Story, Your Way

In today's culture, any form of substance abuse often comes with a stigma of shame or embarrassment. However, you can take control of what others think about you and your situation. The most important thing to remember is that this is your life and it's your story.

There is no right or wrong way to share your struggle with your loved ones. When telling your story, you hold all the power to determine what you will, or will not, share about your truth. You don't have to share anything with anyone that you are not entirely comfortable with.

Expect Mixed Reactions

Everything in life doesn't always go as planned. However, when you remember this, you are better prepared when you face disappointments. Make sure you understand that you might get mixed reactions once you open up about your struggle. Some people will automatically understand the power of your struggle and praise you for making the first step.

However, there are some people who might show signs of resentment or fail to understand that this is something you can't simply fix on your own. Prepare yourself for a range of reactions.

Your friends and family will serve as one of your strongest support systems on your path to sobriety. The earlier you bring them in on the conversation, the earlier they can stand in to support you. Contact a local rehab center, like Pacific Ridge or a similar location, for more tips and help.